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Suffering from Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease?
Explore the HORIZON Research Study

As part of the HORIZON research study, neurologists nationwide are evaluating an investigational Parkinson's disease therapy (levodopa/carbidopa intestinal gel) delivered from an investigational study pump system. This sytem infuses continuous delivery of the study drug during typical waking hours.

To pre-qualify, participants must:
  • be at least 30 years of age
  • have been diagnosed with Advanced PD
  • respond to levodopa
  • experience fluctuations in motor function ("on" and "off" times), AND
  • experience "off" times at least three hours a day

Study participants will receive all study related- care, study medication, and the study pump system at no cost. Reimbursement for travel may also be provided.

If you or someone you know qualifies for this study, you/he/she will be asked to complete approximately 15 study visits over the course of approximately 16 months.

To see if you or someone you know qualifies, click the button below to complete the questionnaire on our website.

Care partners are welcome to answer the study questionnaire on a patient's behalf to determine eligibility for participation.

To take the study questionnaire, please click here.

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